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History / 100 year RENSON®

RENSON® 100 years - the past, the present, the future

Tijdsbalk_NL-0909_HR.jpgWhen celebrating 100 years, it is more than normal to take a look at the past – a past full of innovative solutions by RENSON®. With 100 years experience in building construction, over 50 years in aluminium and over 30 years in ventilation, RENSON® relies upon highly technical expertise being handed on from generation to another.

In 1909, Polydore Renson started commercial construction activities in Belgium. The first factory was in Holstraat, Waregem where RENSON® produced everything for moving doors and windows: locks, hinges, etc, ….

From 1913 onwards Georges Renson continued the work of his father. During the 1st World War he moved to England with Léon Bekaert. Bekaert was already exporting products to companies in Egypt and India, therefore this move opened doors for RENSON® to do business in these countries too.

RENSON® was officially founded as a company who specialised in parts for opening and closing doors, windows and metal windows.

During the fifties the market changed from steel to aluminium. In 1955 RENSON® was the second company in Belgium to start an aluminium frame division.

In 1964 RENSON® moved from Holstraat in the centre of Waregem to the industry park in Flanders Field at the Kalkhoevestraat. Today, RENSON® still uses the building for its Sun protection and Screens department. From then on, the company continued to grow. And when Jan Renson, the father of today’s Managing Director, felt the competition of the big foreign companies becoming too strong, he decided to change focus onto niche products, such as window vents (1968) and louvre panels (1970).

Since 1982 Paul Renson has been managing the company with a strong interest in research & development, innovation, marketing and communication. The production of windows (1982) and the parts for moving doors and windows (1997) were separated. The production line was extended with self-regulating window vents and continuous louvre systems.

The signing of the Kyoto protocol at the end of the past century was another milestone in the history of the company. Paul Renson developed the principles of night cooling and the Healthy Building Concept – an energy-efficient solution for a healthy indoor climate.

Since the start of this century, RENSON® has done some forward-thinking takeovers of companies, complementary to its activities. The takeover of the company RFL (UK) which today is known as RENSON® Ltd. This allows us now to deliver products that meet the specific requirements of the British market place. Vegastore (France) is the basis for starting the department of solar shading in 2001 and Kestelyn (Ieper, Belgium) – a company which was taken over in 2003 but only fully integrated into RENSON® recently – opened new opportunities in textile solar shading (screens). Finally, in 2006 RENSON® took over the Belgian companies NVS and Aralco.

Today, the RENSON® production line includes:
- window ventilators
- louvre panels
- continuous louvre systems
- structural aluminium solar shading
- screens