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Cilium, folding shutters

Cilium® is a dynamic sunshade by RENSON® that can be transformed from a vertical sunshade in front of a window to a horizontal, open position above a window.

• Cilium® is, due to its far-reaching aesthetic finish, suited for applications in projects and also house construction.

• Cilium® can be discretely integrated in exterior walls with identical cladding or as a separate element constructed in front of a window.

• Cilium® is completely rustproof and consists mainly of aluminium and is available in anodized or powder coated versions.

• Cilium® is powered by 230V motor and belt-drive system.

• Cilium® guarantees exceptional quality due to the integration of the patented Stabil- hook mechanism.

Cilium® is available as standard in two versions:
Sunclips® SE.096.01 Maximum dimensions w x h: 1200 mm x 3000 mm
Sunclips® SE.130.01 Maximum dimensions w x h: 1600 mm x 3000 mm