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Residential wall cladding - Installer training

Target audience

Installers / Technical sales team

After you have finished this training

  • You know the principles of a good fixation/anchoring of the Linius & Linarte type (Even, Block) of our continuous louvre systems
  • You know the technical characteristics of the Linius & Linarte louvre
  • You know the principles for measuring a Linius & Linarte louvre system
  • You know the mounting principles for the Linius & Linarte louvre system
  • You know how to mount the Linius & Linarte types (effective mounting in practice)
  • You know how the inserts for the Linarte are installed (wood with clips, wood fixed, LED)
  • Brief procedure about maintenance

Morning session of Architectural sunshading is possible to combine before attending this Installer training.

Practical details

  • Training afternoon session (practical):
    • Welcome at 01h00 p.m.
    • Training from 1h until 16h p.m. (depending on travel schedule)


  • Site D: RENSON TRAINING CENTER, Grote Leiestraat 205, 9570 Anzegem (Belgium)