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Roller blind Fixscreen: first external screen in the world that is truly wind tight


The Fixscreen® is the first external screen in the world that is truly wind tight.

renson-fixscreen.jpgThanks to an ingenious zip system, the fabric is wind tight in every position and can be insect-proof in the closed position. It is a simple principle by which the sun-protecting fabric has a special trim with a symmetrical zip which holds the entire structure firmly in the two side channels. 

Fixscreen®, the technological performer in terms of comfort and ease of use, can be used in residential, offices and project buildings.

The extensive range of colours of the fabrics and the profiles ensures that the Fixscreen® is in perfect harmony with the architecture of your home or company, which automatically leads to a pleasant living and working environment. All materials used for the Fixscreen® are 100% corrosion-proof. Only stainless steel screws have been used. The aluminium profiles consist of an alloy EN AW-6063 T66. The profiles are available in every possible colour.

Fixscreen® 85

Is developed for dimensions of 2.50 m (width) by 1.80 m (height) (up to max. 4.50 m2). It is possible to join them up to dimensions of 5.00 m (width) by a maximum of 1.80 m (height). This small screen is important for the ‘standard window’ and the renovation market.

Fixscreen® 100 EVO

Is developed for dimensions up to 4.00 m (width) by 2.70 m (height) or 3.00 m (width) by 3.50 m (height) (up to 10.8 m²). It is possible to join them up to dimensions of 6.00 m (width) by a maximum of 2.70 m (height). New! Patented & CE-approved Connect&Go technology.

Fixscreen® 150 EVO

Can handle unique dimensions up to 6.00 m width or 6.00 m height (up to 22 m²).

Hidden installation
Fixscreen® 100 EVO IM7, 100 EVO Slim IM7, 150 EVO IM7

With this new installation method, the Fixscreen® IM7 can be concealed in your low-energy home or building project solution.

Product group
Product application
Patented technology
Type of sunprotecion
Application: renovation / construction
Technical specifications
Dimensions ends of box (HxB)
Fixscreen® technology
Wind Scale (EN 13561:2004)
Garanteed wind resistance (km/h)
Sound reduction: Closed
Thermal valuesThermal Uf valuesthermische waarden: f-waarde
Depth window frame
Depth window frame
Manual operation
Manual control: x positions
Cord control
Rod: fixed
Rod: detachable tulip
Rod: Wechselmedien oogwindwerk
Electrical operation
1 piece height < or =
Manual control: maximum width
Manual control: maximum height
Electrical control: maximum width
Electrical control: maximum height
Manual control: maximum width coupled
Electrical control: maximum width coupled
Maximum height coupled
Material & Finish
Material box
Material side channels & bottom rail
Finishing: E6/EV1
Finishing: RAL
Finishing: Bicolor
Finishing: Special colour
Thermal breaks
Material ends of box
Dimensions ends of box (HxB)
Ends of box in white
Ends of box in beige
Ends of box in gray
Ends of box in black
Ends of box in RAL (on request)
Ends of box and box in same colour
Side channels in aluminium
Side channels: Steel cables
Dimensions side channels (BxD/H)
Dimensions side channels coupled (BxD/H)
Material: Endcaps roller barrel
Endcaps bottom rail in white
Endcaps roller bar in beige
Endcaps roller bar in gray
Endcaps roller bar in black
Endcaps roller bar in E6/EV1
Endcaps roller bar in RAL